Our Team

We have been supplying and servicing playground equipment over decades. Our team works with an aim to provide value and accurate information reports, quotes in a timely manner. A vast range of services is offered on all kinds of playground equipment. Sports goals are also offered and installed for Basketballs, Badminton, Tennis, Netball, Rugby and so on. Play area shades are also manufactured and installed by our team.

We make sure that our equipment is meet our country standard and safety. Our team works on safety inspection of indoor and outdoor sports. Our team conducts testing and inspection annually for all the equipment that has been purchased by the customers. Our team is a great service for natural playground equipment installation, school playground equipment installation, council and any play centers government-owned or privately owned. All products and services offered by our team are based on country's quality and standard. Our trained staff take care of everything starting from the initial purchase of playground and installation of right equipment needed by the children of all age group.

Our list of equipment is available on the website, our site is easily accessible and therefore you can look at the specific features of all the equipment listed, a simple call or an email to our trained staff will make your life easy, to get a good advice on how to start building a play area today.

Our team is passionate about the exploration of what kids passion is, they make sure kids enjoy their favorite games. Our team monitors child development and makes sure they get the best in the world. Though the world offers more than what is available we make sure that each kid gets access to the best play instrument. Do not waste time in contacting and checking on the various vendor, just dial our number and we are there for your services. Let us help you with recreational need. Take a call and we are there for installation.

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